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Doing good in the community

We’re not just here to make a buck.

Yoga is so much more than exercise. It is a spiritual practice that includes guiding principles for living a full and rewarding life and reducing suffering in the world.

We do our best to live and run our business by these principles, and give back to the community in many ways.

When you invest in the studio through your membership, class passes and other purchases, you are funding this good work. Thank you so much for your support.

Respecting our valued team

Standing breathwork

You may be surprised to hear that there are many questionable and disappointing practices that are common in the yoga world, leading to teacher burnout and financial challenges. We’re proud to say that we treat our teachers like human beings, not expendable commodities.

We pay teachers above-average rates for classes, and don’t reduce their rate for low attendance.

We pay our team on time, every time. Sadly, this is not always the case in the industry.

We provide our teaching team with sick leave, even though we are not obliged to.

We give all employees free access to attend our classes, and teachers the ability to bring a friend to their own classes at no cost.

We don’t expect our staff to attend compulsory team meetings for free. They are paid their usual rate. One of our very experienced teachers who has worked at multiple studios told us we’re the first they’ve experienced to ever do this!

When we were closed during covid lockdowns, we continued to pay our teachers for their usual classes despite not being obligated to, ensuring they still had some income. They weren’t eligible for government grants due to being sole traders at the time, so we shared our grant with them.

For roles that allow it, we provide flexible working hours and location – work/life balance is a priority!

Affordable, accessible yoga

It’s important to us that those who seek the infinite knowledge of yoga can access our classes.

Concession card holders receive 10% off our memberships and class-pass packs. Find out more here.

We also run a scholarship program which offers unlimited yoga at an extremely discounted price to those who need it.

Giving back to the community

We donate over a thousand dollars each year to local and international charities, including:

  • Gifting 1% of our profits to a charity providing on-the-ground assistance in India. This is an important way for us to respect and acknowledge the roots of yoga and the wisdom from the people of South Asia that we benefit from through our practice.
  • Donating to charities who support First Nations peoples on Australia Day
  • Donating to horse rescue charities on Melbourne Cup Day
  • Supporting local and international emergency response appeals
  • Donating our services as prizes for local community fundraisers (please get in touch to request our support!)

Through the giving nature of our amazing studio community, we also facilitate multiple charity collections throughout the year:

  • Food and gifts for those in need at Christmas
  • Donations of period and incontinence products for Share the Dignity’s Dignity Drive


One of the key yogic principles, Ahimsa, means doing our best to avoid perpetrating violence and harm to other beings and our planet, directly and indirectly.

For this reason, all food and drink provided at the studio is always free from any animal products. 

We aren’t preachy, and we’ll never judge you for your food choices. We’re just passionate about showing that plant-based food isn’t lacking in flavour or nutrition. We look forward to sharing delicious meals and treats with you!

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