Corporates can do yoga too!

Corporate Yoga

Thanks for considering Stone’s Throw Yoga’s corporate yoga, mindfulness and meditation offerings.

Whether you’re looking for a one-off event at a conference or workshop, or want to implement regular weekly classes for your team at your office, our team of experienced teachers are happy to help.

Our corporate yoga classes offer benefits that will be felt both at work and in the daily lives of your team. Many employees suffer with tension, physical pain and stress, which can affect their productivity at work, as well as impacting their family life.

Our sessions are designed to help your team by creating functional, beneficial movement. The practice will help them alleviate this stress and tension, and return to work with greater focus and concentration.

There are many other benefits that can come from a regular yoga practice, including improved sleep, reduced inflammation in the body, better overall mood, and improved flexibility and balance.

Our classes are fun, relaxing and educational, and offer the opportunity to learn valuable tips that can benefit students in their daily lives. Each class is tailored to your organisation, and includes a focus on beneficial breathwork techniques, movement designed to strengthen and increase overall range of motion, and a short meditation to ensure your employees leave relaxed and focussed.

And let’s face it - giving your hard-working employees permission to step out from behind their desks to practice regular movement and mindfulness is clearly showing your dedication to their physical and mental health, benefiting your team culture and helping to create an environment where people love coming to work.

Our team of male and female teachers are trained in different styles of yoga, and are comfortable teaching at whatever level is appropriate - so whether your team are brand new to yoga, or have experience, they’re sure to benefit.

We’re able to provide regular corporate yoga services around the Perth metro area, and can travel further afield for one-off events, conferences or workshops.

Reach out today for more information and to start your corporate wellbeing journey.

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