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Kids Yoga

Kids Yoga Term 1

These classes are a fun and engaging environment for movement and mindfulness.

Games and creative movement challenges build strength, coordination, and develop body awareness.

Kids become aware of how they are feeling, and learn tools to self-regulate their emotions.

This mind and body connection can help them move with confidence throughout life.

Kids Yoga can help:

  1. Improve symptoms of anxiety
  2. Improve focus and attention
  3. Improve physical health

Casual bookings are now open.

Concession pricing (10% off):

Available for those with a pensioner concession card, health care card, or full-time student card. If we haven’t already sighted your card, please email a photo to [email protected] prior to booking.

Already attend classes at Stone’s Throw Yoga? Please don’t book yourself into the course. Create profiles for your kid(s), and book them in. More information on how to do that is available here.

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Om Chanting

Om Chanting

Om is the first sound of the universe, the sound of the divine within each of us. It connects all living beings to nature and to each other.

What is Om Chanting?

Om Chanting is a powerful, meditative practice. It is not a performance! It doesn’t matter what your voice sounds like, or whether you can hold a tune. All voices mix together into one, creating a powerful healing environment.

Chanting gives your busy mind a consistent focal point in meditation. If you find it hard to meditate in silence, this might just be the key to finding comfort in your practice.

The long exhales required for chanting Om create a deep pranayama (breathwork) experience. This only enhances the benefits of the practice.

What will happen on the night?

We’ll begin with an introduction and grounding. Then, we’ll chant as a group. Lastly, we’ll spend a little time in silent meditation, followed by a sharing circle. All up, you can expect to be with us for around 90 minutes.

What are the benefits of Om Chanting?

Studies on group chanting have found that it can:

– Decrease stress and anxiety
– Improve symptoms of depression
– Promote a positive mood, feelings of relaxation and focused attention.

With practice, you’ll deeply connect with yourself and others. It helps release tension related to life’s stressors, and creates a sense of physical and emotional healing and wellbeing.

Cost and cancellations

This is a pay what you can event, ensuring it is accessible to all in our community. You can use your usual membership, or select what you can afford when booking (between $1 – $25). Spots are limited so please book in.

The room is set up according to the number of attendees so we appreciate you cancelling if you can no longer attend.

If you cancel with at least two hours notice your class credit will be returned to you automatically. If you paid a dollar amount, we can credit it to your account in our system to reuse at Stone’s Throw Yoga (please email to request).

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